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2019 Audi e-tron

Audi has been working up to this minute since 2009. As you may recall, work started with the e-tron idea. That show vehicle was reminiscent of the R8, and was later formed into the R8 e-tron, first determined by Iron Man. Audi assembled "not exactly a hundred" of its electric supercar before dropping it, through custom requests at over a million dollars a pop. 

 In 2010, there was likewise an "Audi e-tron" made for the Detroit Show, fueled by two engines rather than the R8's four. The Geneva Show's A1 e-tron hatchback was a progressively practical suggestion, regardless of whether it had a 254cc Wankel motor as a range extender. For Paris, Audi concocted a V6 diesel module half and half e-tron Spyder. After three years, the A3 e-tron module mixture saw restricted generation in 2014, by which time Audi was at that point investigating approaches to beat Tesla over the long haul, utilizing batteries alone.

 Which conveys us to the 2019 Audi e-tron, the SUV that drives precisely as you'd anticipate from a 400 torque Audi five-seater. Just considerably smoother, and a lot calmer.

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