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Korean Car Brands
The Korean vehicle showcase is driven by five noteworthy vehicle mark to be specific, Hyundai Motor gathering, Kia Motors, GM Korea, SsangYong and Renault Samsung. These brands are known for quality, dependability, and execution. As per information uncovered by the International Organization of Motor Vehicles makers, South Korea made 4,114,913 auto vehicles in 2017, including 3,735,399 traveler autos and 379,514 business vehicles.

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Hyundai Motor Group

This South Korean worldwide car organization is the main vehicle mark in the Korean market and eleventh among the biggest vehicle organizations on the planet. Hyundai works with Sedans, Hatchbacks, Sports autos, SUVs, Vans, Commercial vehicles, and motors. Furthermore, it is known for Korean extravagance vehicles and Korean games vehicle. It works the world's biggest coordinated vehicle fabricating office, which is proficient to deliver 1.6 million units every year. This Korean vehicle mark moves vehicles in 193 nations and utilizes about 80K individuals around the world. Hyundai claimed two backups, Kia Motors (32.8%) and Genesis Motors (100%).

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Kia Motor

Kia is the second biggest Korean vehicle maker and moves item worldwide with the exception of Japan. This extravagance vehicle mark works in traveler autos, Commercial vehicles, Hybrid electric vehicles vans and South Korean SUVs. Kia fabricates around 3 million vehicles consistently and has almost 65k representatives working in its 14 producing plants arranged in 5 distinct nations. The Korean best brand, Hyundai, is its sister organization and possess 33.88% of Kia Motor Corporation. As sister organizations, they possess a consolidated of 70% of the South Korean Auto showcase.

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Gm Korean

This backup of General Motors is the third biggest car maker in South Korea. GM Korea has the ability to make 9.2 million completed vehicles, 1.4 million motors and transmissions at four residential plants in South Korea. This Korean car organization offers district and brand-explicit vehicle gathering packs for get together by General Motors subsidiaries in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, China, Germany, India, Mexico and the United States. Also, it produces vehicle units for Buick, Chevrolet, Holden, and Open that are given in excess of 150 markets on six mainlands.

After a couple of name changes and associations, GM Korea is presently the third biggest car organization in South Korea. The main vehicle created under the present name was the 2002 Daewoo Lacetti, which turned into a GM world vehicle. This Korean vehicle mark claims 7.2% of the South Korean auto advertise. GM Korea has delivered numerous models and some mainstream ones incorporate Chevrolet Captiva, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Orlando, and Damas/Labo


This Korean auto mark was initially begun as two separate organizations; Ha Dong-hwan Motor Workshop (set up in 1954) and Dongbang Motor Co (built up in 1962). In 1963, the two organizations converged into Ha Dong-hwan Motor Co. to revamp jeeps, trucks, and transports to be delivered to the USA. In 1986, the organization was obtained by SsangYong Business Group. In 1991, SsangYong began an innovative association with Daimler-Benz to deliver SUV with Mercedes-Benz innovation. In late 2004, SAIC took a 51% stake of SsangYong Motor Company. In 2011, after some money related challenges, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. gained the organization to enable it to achieve the apex of accomplishment and it really worked.

Renault Samsung Motor

This Korean auto mark was first settled as Samsung Motors in 1994 with specialized help from Nissan. Be that as it may, after the Asian money related emergency, Renault procured it in 2000 and renamed it as Renault Samsung Motors. Today, Renault has a 80.1% stakes while staying 19.9% is as yet claimed by Samsung. The principal vehicle produced by the organization was the Renault Samsung SM5, which enhanced the organization's deals and expanded trust in the model inside whatever remains of their client base. After some time, Renault Samsung turned into a fare situated car maker, trading under Nissan or Renault mark. In the United States and Canada, vehicles from this Korean vehicle mark are outstanding as the Nissan Rogu

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